Dear Lilith Fair 2010

My Subconscious Loves Instruments 03/10/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


Musical instruments, and especially musical instrument hybrids, pervade my dreams. Last night I had a dream my cousin got married and I landed in a room housing the gifts. I sat on the floor ogling the neatly packaged boxes of accordions, chord organs, glockenspiels, toy pianos, marching bass drums, and huge tomes of sheet music dedicated and rewritten for each instrument (such as a 10 pound book entitled “Pink Floyd for Toy Piano”). I was most excited about the particular hybrid instrument the newlyweds were given which was a combination chord organ-glockenspiel. I remember thinking, “If I got one of these I wouldn’t have to sit the glockenspiel on top of the chord organ when I play– I could just use this nifty little instrument!”


Rainbow Xylophone, Toy Piano, and Snare Drum 01/03/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

When friends give me instruments I love to write songs on them! In this song I decided to combine 3 different instruments I was given in 2009! The song is called “When You Were Young” and features a rainbow xylophone, toy piano, and snare drum.