Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Free “Dear Lilith Fair” MP3 12/13/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

You can listen to the recorded version of “Dear Lilith Fair” here:


And download it for free here:
“Dear Lilith Fair” MP3 Download


“Dear Lilith Fair” Lyrics 12/10/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I didn’t go to you
when I was in college or in high school.
That’s when you were all the rage
with girls like me– hey, hey, hey!

But Dear Lilith Fair
when I was in the 9th Grade,
Jewel came to my high school and she played.
And a guy said, “Take off your shirt!”
She said, “No way!”
Dear Lilith Fair.

But Dear Lilith…
When you think of Lilith…
Oh, Lilith Fair.
Oh, Dear Lilith Fair.


Dear Lilith Fair 2010 12/09/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I am so excited you are returning! I wrote you a song!