Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Paste Magazine: Songs for Haiti 01/20/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

Along with Indigo Girls, Emmylou Harris, Andrew Bird, and more, my music is in Paste Magazine’s “Songs for Haiti” Download Vault. By making a contribution to Haiti, Paste is giving music. You can click the link below to give to Haiti and get lots of great songs.



Jewel Came to My High School 12/11/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

Jewel came to my high school in Ohio when I was in 9th grade. It was part of an environmental assembly and she was the entertainment. I remember being packed into the auditorium up in the balcony (because that’s where the freshmen had to sit) and listening to the sweet voice that came out of her. At the time it reminded me a bit of the clear-voiced sound of the Indigo Girls. I remember the guy yelling, “Take off your shirt!” while she sang. Someone later told me Jewel reported in a magazine that being at my high school was one of the worst performing experiences she ever had.