Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Madonna and (Gwenyth’s) Child 02/14/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I was sorting through some papers and I found one that was dated almost exactly a year ago from now with this written on it:


Sometimes I have horrible dreams that I’m back in Madonna Land. Except in my dreams Madonna and I are always in a room together with a piano or white furniture. And she is very nice and we talk. Last night I had a dream I had to go see Tracy, and to see her I had to walk through the room where Gwenyth Paltrow was giving birth. She was laid out on a table, but being her nice self, she stuck her head up and asked how I was. I talked to her, but felt weird because she was giving birth and I thought she should go back to that.

It is these kinds of things that pervade my subconscious. These people whose lives I threaded through when they didn’t know I was there playing their pianos, eating their cupboard munchies, or trying to get my paychecks from their employee…


Madonna’s Entourage 01/31/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


Shortly after moving to New York, I was swept off my feet by Madonna and her Sweet and Sticky Tour. I landed a position being the home school teacher for her personal trainer’s son. You know the woman with the elastic bands who also trained Gwenyth Paltrow? Well, that was who I worked for.


As well as teaching a 4th grade curriculum, packing Madonna’s ice packs, jumping on her mini trampoline before she warmed up for the show, and staying at Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s house in the Hamptons, I saw the most unglamourous parts of the glamourous life. No one seemed happy. Everyone ate expensive food at fancy hotels. Everyone had work to do and no fun to be had. Everyone had to buy more things. Everyone had to inspect themselves in mirrors. Being part of the entourage’s entourage, I was always on my own at hotels no one else stayed at, stuck in a basement in Illinois, or a house in the middle of Indiana.


The only thing that saved me was my guitar. Luckily, because music was part of the home school curriculum, I was allowed to bring it with me. In a hotel room in Los Angeles I wrote “Glitz and Glamour.”



“Glitz and Glamour” MP3 Download