Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Bitch 08/09/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


Have you seen this video of Bitch tap dancing with her mom? Tinderbox is so excited to have Bitch headline our first year!



Kickstarter 08/08/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


As you may have known, Tinderbox was gathering its base funding through Kickstarter. Many friends, family members, and general supporters of Tinderbox donated and we ended up exceeding our goal! We are SO excited!



More Tinderbox Updates 08/04/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


Tinderbox is moving along! I’ve been learning SO much through this process and I find it fascinating and empowering to be on the opposite side of the music industry! I recently attended New Music Seminar in NYC and many of the panelists were talking about how artists have to put things into their own hands. It feels great to not be waiting for someone to let me be a part of something bigger, but to be creating it myself. I have been overwhelmed by how much people have wanted to get involved with Tinderbox and help/participate in any way they can. It seems that there truly is a need to create more community and space for women musicians and I am happy that I can help provide that!


Some exciting updates about Tinderbox include current confirmed artists:

and current confirmed sponsors:


Oh yeah! And there are about 27 hours left to donate to Tinderbox via our Kickstarter page to help us put the festival on and be able to give back to Girls Write Now and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls!!


To find out more about all things having to do with Tinderbox Music Festival please go here:


Cult Spell 07/24/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

In the midst of Tinderboxing I have found some time to work on my own music! Here is a video for my new electro song “Cult Spell”! The video was shot and edited by Eric Weiner of The WILD Honeypie!



TINDERBOX Updates 07/23/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


As you know, running a music festival is a big job! I’m learning all sorts of new things from the business side of the music industry! It is very exciting, but definitely a lot of work! Things are really taking off and I am happily overwhelmed by how people want to help out, be part of it in any way, and perform as part of the event! Right now we are working on the line-up of headliners and then we will open submissions to emerging acts! TINDERBOX will be held on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th at SOUTHPAW in Brooklyn, NY from 3pm-12am on 2 stages! Lots of music all day! What we still need help with is raising money so we can give back to the amazing NYC organizations Girls Write Now and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls! 100% of the proceeds after cost will be given to these organizations! We only have 13 days left to reach our goal on Kickstarter! Please check it out below!



I Have Started a Music Festival 06/30/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


It’s true, I have started a music festival! It is called TINDERBOX! I have not been as active on this blog lately because, as you know, dear Lilith Fair, it is a lot of work to put together such a large event, however I think it is well worth it. The excitement and community it is starting to create keeps growing and growing! As I have been writing letters to you on this blog I have also been communicating with many friends, readers of the blog, and musicians about festivals, performing, community, and so much more. A few months ago it became very clear to me that there needed to be even more space for women musicians to be showcased, and so I decided to actually work hard to help create that space. You can find out more information about TINDERBOX by going to our website at: You can also find out more about the funds we are trying to raise to both help make the festival happen and give back to organizations that are helping the next generation of women musicians at our Kickstarter page:



Thanks for helping pave the way for events such as this!

Alyson 🙂


The Metropolitan Museum of Art 06/20/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


I am so excited for my shows this week! I will be playing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 5th Avenue, NY, NY) on Monday, June 21 at 5pm for Make Music New York ( and at Southpaw (125 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) on Sunday, June 27 at 8pm in Park Slope (! The show at The Met will be outside on an upright piano, and the show at Southpaw will be inside as I rock autoharp, synthesizer, casio, glockenspiel, and more!