Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Letter 03/31/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I have a new song called “Letter” inspired by Martin Firrell (, an artist/activist who projects thought provoking words/phrases onto buildings. I have included some examples of his work below.


Letter MP3 Download





Alyson Greenfield SOAP 03/26/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I am very excited about the new Alyson Greenfield Soap (Rosemary and Peppermint) the amazing folks at The Left Hand ( have just made. Neil Gaiman has been blogging about The Left Hand’s awesome soap and Perez Hilton and Sandra Bernhard were two of the people to have some of the first bars of Alyson Greenfield Soap! I will be sending you some in the mail very soon, so keep an eye out for it!! You can also visit to check out all of The Left Hand’s wonderful soaps, salves, balms, scrubs, and more!


Change 03/22/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


Upon my return from SXSW I sat down at the piano and wrote and recorded a song about change, transformation, and giving in. (At the end of the song I do allude to Mr. Bowie– I couldn’t help it)!




SXSW On the Street! 03/21/2010

Dear Lilith Fair,


Going to SXSW for the first time has been amazing and the energy has been infectious! Highlights for me were seeing Marina and the Diamonds, Bear in Heaven, Hole, Snoop Dogg, and of course being part of Mundi Fest where Sandra Bernhard performed her awesome combination of comedy and music (have you heard her version of “Beautiful People”?)! One of my favorite things I got to do was perform my “Border Patrol” RAP in the middle of 6th St with the guys from OxyMorrons after literally meeting them a minute before they started beatboxing! This video is courtesy of Hunnypot Unlimited.



SXSW 03/14/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


I have been busy getting ready for SXSW! I am so excited to be playing a few shows during the festival– two of which are co-sponsored by my favorite feminist magazine BUST, and one of which features Sandra Bernhard as the headliner! If you are in Austin during SXSW, I would love to see you! Here are the details of my shows!


THURSDAY, MARCH 18/ 2:00PM/ @Cafe Mundi (1704 E. 5th St.)
Whitesmith Entertainment/ TJO Presents/ BUST Magazine Day Party
With Special Guest SANDRA BERNHARD


FRIDAY MARCH 19/ 2:30PM/ @Kung Fu Saloon (510 Rio Grande at 6th St.)
BUST Magazine/ Tullo Tunes Day Party


SATURDAY MARCH 20/ 1:00PM/ @Treasure Island (413 E. 6th St.)
MusicGorlla Showcase Series


All of the details for the events are here:




My Subconscious Loves Instruments 03/10/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


Musical instruments, and especially musical instrument hybrids, pervade my dreams. Last night I had a dream my cousin got married and I landed in a room housing the gifts. I sat on the floor ogling the neatly packaged boxes of accordions, chord organs, glockenspiels, toy pianos, marching bass drums, and huge tomes of sheet music dedicated and rewritten for each instrument (such as a 10 pound book entitled “Pink Floyd for Toy Piano”). I was most excited about the particular hybrid instrument the newlyweds were given which was a combination chord organ-glockenspiel. I remember thinking, “If I got one of these I wouldn’t have to sit the glockenspiel on top of the chord organ when I play– I could just use this nifty little instrument!”


Rabbit Hole 03/05/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,

Last night I wrote and recorded a new song with beats and effected piano called “Rabbit Hole.” It happens to be just in time for the opening of Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland movie!



Rabbit Hole MP3 Download