Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Place to Live 02/13/2010

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Dear Lilith Fair,


After being pushed this way and that, feeling like someone stuck me in a snow globe and shook it around a few times, and being told there “suddenly” wasn’t enough money to pay me– I quit my job working for Madonna’s personal trainer and returned to New York.


New York was where I needed to be. But I was plenty discombobulated. I was starting the apartment search all over again. I went to apartment after apartment looking for a room, but absolutely nothing felt right or comfortable. My friend, with whom I was staying while searching for a new residence, had just given me her rainbow glockenspiel she had since she was a little girl. One day I sat in an empty room (she was actually moving out at the time) and composed my first song on the glockenspiel, called “Place to Live.” I have found that using the glockenspeil as a main instrument, as one might use a piano or a guitar, is incredibly exhilarating!



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