Dear Lilith Fair 2010

Lilith Fair Dream 12/31/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I just woke up from a dream in which I was walking down the street and I started to hear a familiar voice singing. I turned a corner and the next small street was lined with tall buildings sporting many balconies. The singing was getting louder and I looked up to see people standing in the street and on each balcony quietly listening. I was trying to figure out if the singing was being projected from someone’s apartment or if it was live. I looked up once more to see Sarah McLachlan on one of the highest balconies. I thought, “Of course! I knew I knew that voice!” At the end of the song she had magically descended to the street. When she was finished I don’t remember clapping, I just remember everyone smiling. Since I was so close to her I decided I must go up and say something. A couple of people spoke to her and then I said, “That was beautiful! Your voice is so wonderful! Also, I’ve started a Lilith Fair blog!” She looked at me and said, “That’s a good idea.”


Looks Like I’m Not Dead 12/28/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I often like to sit down with an instrument and a microphone, press record, and see what comes out. Many times only pieces of songs are recorded, but sometimes entire songs arrive. When I sat down a few days ago and pressed record this is what came to be:


“Looks Like I’m Not Dead” MP3 Download


Newspaper Interview 12/22/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

I was interviewed yesterday about my blog, what I think about you returning, what it’s like to be a woman musician, and more. One of the questions I was asked was, “Do you think it is necessary for Lilith Fair to still exist?” I said, “YES!”


Black Swan 12/20/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,


When things are hard I often listen to Thom Yorke’s “Black Swan.” Today, instead of just listening to the song, I decided to try my own version. I hope you enjoy it.


“Black Swan” Cover MP3 Download


“I was a Punk Rocker.” 12/16/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

The only barbie dolls (and barbie-like dolls) I had as a kid were Rocker Barbie and Jem (that awesome pink-haired lead singer of The Holograms). It makes sense, then, that in 4th grade I wanted to be a Punk Rocker for Halloween. When I went to school in my costume, a kid said to me, “You look like a hooker.” I said to him, “What’s that?” I don’t remember his exact explanation, but I do remember crying.



Check out this story and more in “SCHOOL”:


“I was a cheerleader. I didn’t know better.” 12/15/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

When Jewel came to my school I was a Cheerleader. Can you believe it? I have a song called “School” which talks about being a skinny cheerleader, as well as being called names in elementary school like “Human Barbie Doll” (because I was so “fragile like a doll”) and “Hooker” (because of a Halloween costume). ¬†Oh, those school days!


Listen to “School” here:

Download “School” for FREE here:


"I was a cheerleader. I didn't know better."


Free “Dear Lilith Fair” MP3 12/13/2009

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Dear Lilith Fair,

You can listen to the recorded version of “Dear Lilith Fair” here:


And download it for free here:
“Dear Lilith Fair” MP3 Download